Our mission is to help families build and protect wealth within their home.

Protect the Environment

Going solar is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint. Buildings are responsible for close to 35% of all carbon emissions in the U.S. and going solar can decrease that number significantly. A typical residential solar system will eliminate 3-4 tons of carbon emissions each year - roughly the equivalent of planting over 100 trees each year.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

The cost of your electricity is a large portion of the overall cost of your home or business. With a solar system you'll be creating a reduction in your energy costs or will completely eliminate it all together over the span of 25 yrs. Even if you don't produce all the energy that you use, you will still begin to see your utility bills decrease. Ultimately, whether reduced or completely eliminated, you are saving money either way!

Increase Your Property Value

Several studies have found that buildings and homes with solar systems have higher property values, sometimes selling twice as fast and at a premium over similar homes in the same neighborhood. Appraisers are increasingly factoring solar systems into the value they place on a home. As appraisers and consumers are more educated, homes and commercial properties with solar systems will get even higher evaluations.

Protect Your Assets

Protect your most valuable asset, your family... ERS offers "elite" home security and cutting edge smart home technology. Learn how your entire home can be at the control of your fingertips, 24/7!


We offer financial services within the area of real estate, mortgage, insurance and now home services where we’re providing energy efficiency and renewable energy options to help increase family home savings, eliminate debt and build and protect wealth. This is the mission and committed focus of ERS and how we provide you a “Total Living Concept”!


We make it easy to emancipate yourself from the utility and start saving fast!

Step 1: Free Energy Evaluation

Upon speaking to one of our “Referring Field Associates”, you will be provided a free energy evaluation by one of our “Certified Field Associates”. The CFA will help you understand your energy choice options so that you may increase savings and build wealth.

Step 2: Engineering & Design

Through our authorized and elite dealer relationships, you gain a free system design. Your roof and sun exposure are inspected using the most advanced sun-eye technology. A custom site plan is created with the sincere focus of maximizing your savings and long term energy needs.

Step 3: Design & Proposal Review

This is 15 min that could change your life forever! Your design and proposal will be reviewed with you by one of our elite CFAs to insure all is understood and properly delivered.

Step 4: System Installation

Through our authorized and elite dealer relationships, you can rest assured that a seamless system installation is the end result. Installation is typically done in a single day, so no need to worry about any scheduling hassle.

Step 5: System Inspection

Your system is then inspected 100% by our local jurisdiction. Elite craftsmanship is a must so it’s a must that our authorized dealer contractors are present to meet with the local inspector at your residence.

Step 6: Save Money

Once permission from your local utility is granted, the “GREEN” light arrives and you are now ready to switch on your new rooftop ATM! The power and benefits of less expensive, clean renewable energy is now in your hands!


We share, with our clients, only the most elite products within their class...


The time to save money and live a cleaner, greener life is now!

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